Seeing Less Clearly

Ben’s ophthalmology appointment revealed refractive bilateral amblyopia and myopia. Basically, he can only see within inches of his face, needs VERY strong glasses, daily eye drops, a lot of monitoring, and possible surgery, to preserve his limited vision.

I incorrectly assumed I’d be able to walk out of our appointment into the physician’s associated eye wear shop to purchase glasses deemed necessary to preserve sight.  Wrong.  My insurance (Primary) doesn’t provide coverage beyond the exam and Ben’s Medical Assistance (Secondary) wasn’t accepted.

It took five visits to three different stores in order to get glasses ordered.  I had the best, least judgmental, service at Visionworks.  It is truly a humbling experience to use Medical Assistance, especially in a semi-public setting where others can hear you mention Medical Assistance.  I’m not sure I’ll ever forget the looks I got, even from staff, at other shops.

It’s incredible how much time and effort it took to find a shop who would/could provide my child with glasses under their plan, especially given my professional experience.  These systems are not easy or intuitive.  Access is important to optimal function.  We need all members of our society to be functioning at their optimal level.

To top all this off, Ben has a bacterial skin infection and I discovered a hair tourniquet on two of Adam’s toes.  I’m struggling to cope with a series of stressful days.  I fell to the floor when Mike got home this afternoon.  I couldn’t adult/caregive anymore.  I don’t know how folks do this alone.  It’s too much.



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